An Artist Looks at 40

In my small 40 years I have been a good daughter, a loving sister, made a career of two things I love (art and children), found a mate to laugh, love, live and grow old with, eaten in three countries, seen artwork I studied in school books, am a mom to two of the most amazing children on the planet, been a loyal friend, strived to do the right thing and see the good in people, illustrated three books, created many art works that have shown, sold and won awards, had a one artist show, made others laugh, comforted tears and I hope that I have given more than I have received. Most if that in the last 15 years…so imagine what I can do in the next forty years?

Studio organization

I am not an artist who works on one piece exclusively, I usually have several going on at a time-resulting in a studio of mess and chaos.

My husband took pity on my mess and helped me organize today. Five tables, five projects-everything else got put away for another time. As in Flashdance, Oh what a feeling! I was also able to rearrange, free up some space and move a book shelf into the Illustration studio where it is much needed, and will help to organize that space-tomorrow.

Now go make Art! I am!

The process…of insanity

I would never claim to understand or even know what makes a person insane, or crazy, or to the brink …. But I have to wonder about my own boundaries and limitations as an artist. I have an idea, a message, a vision (I detest the last phrase but I’ve heard it often lately from people commenting on my work-or artist vision), and in my mind I have a visual-and a sketch laying beside me as I tangle myself with rusty wire and fabric. But I have not yet been able to solidify this piece. Leading to totally frustration. I want a medium that will rust, that you can see through, and that has expression-and that can be a Raven. I have not yet achieved it. My supportive husband kindly mentioned that he wasn’t sure this was the correct medium, that maybe I could change my vision-but it seems I have blinders in and continue to bang my head against the wall trying g again and again to create these menacing birds-so that is insanity correct? Was it Einstein or Edison-someone wise who said, doing the same thing exspecting different results is insanity. It’s about the process I tell myself-I can does this, I yell, just another challenge I whispher…. Well after lunch.



Raining Sunday and where was I? In the studio trying to decide how I want my snails to look. Usually I take what is and add it together…lately I’ve been taking what is and making more. So my amazing Papa has collected a ton of snail shells for me that are becoming part of my newest piece. To me they represent ideas and trials and new things-the things that make me vulnerable. So how does that look visually you might ask. I am still working that out, I tell you.

So much of Art is what the viewer doesn’t see. My father in law says that what they see is the discarded part of Art… Whatever the case tomorrow will be spent in the studio in my whirlwind ways from here and there and back to the snails that might get wings or bright colors or…who knows…but when I emerge from sanctuary in time to pick to the kids from school I will feel more at piece having debated and maybe even decided what my inner most thoughts, hopes and dreams look like.

Call for Entries

Lately, my life contains this phrase, Call for Entries. It means that somewhere out there, someone wants Art. And I, the superhero of my world, will answer that call. Lately I have been trying to answer it more and more. This month I took a leap, a big leap…right to the Empire State Building-yes, my friends, I entered a show in New York City. Big leap from little Belton, South Carolina-but I did it. Now, what comes after the leap…a crash or a photographic ending…that is not as important to me. I wanted more. I want more. So I am spending more time in the studio, more time with glued fingers and dirty jeans, more take out dinners, and homework done on top of wood pulled from old barns. So although I hope my Art speaks dramaticly to those New York jurors, I am most proud that it is speak to me at a rapid speed.

For your viewing pleasure, the Piece Considered for Chelsea Internation Fine Art Competition at the Agora Gallery in New York:

I Used to Sing to You

I Used to Sing to You
I Used to Sing to You

Art family

I have found that one of the best tools in my experience as an artist is my husband. He is a grand supporter and promoter of the arts. And with him comes many others related and unrelated that help to strengthen and expand my experience. This weekend after an adventure for a base. We ended up at my mam in law’s to borrow her welder while my dear brother in law welding the base to my precious latest creation. It is no wonder to me that artists pick who they hang out with carefully. Picasso and Warhol are two that come to mind. They were always surrounded by people who fed their creative brains. So as life travels on I find that friends of all caliber are some if the greatest tools an artist can acquire. My new router’s not bad either.