Monthly Archives: August 2013

An Artist’s Brain

I read somewhere that an artist’s brain is like a computer with several tabs open at the same time. I find that to be true. When I am in the studio no matter how much I try to focus on one piece at a time I find myself working on several at the same time. Of course if I have to be truthfully I am constantly working on a piece in my head while grocery shopping, washing dishes and even driving the kids to school. I am not sure that I can turn that off. Unfortunately for my husband means that everything I see I am deciding how it would fit into an Art piece, and every story I hear or witness I wonder how it would play out in objects and colors. I believe that fact contributes to why I have such a hard time throwing things away. I am bewitched by textures found in nature, spending moments deciding how I could recreate it and how describing colors as “unnatural” is bizarre to me because I enjoy the array of colors I discover in nature.

So when I discuss what I am currently “working”on it’s possible that it could be more than one current.

Happy Wednesday!