Time for me can be such a special thing. There are moments that seem to last forever as I work intimately with a piece of work only to discover that twenty minutes has passed, and hours that seem like only minutes. I can only speak for myself of course but I find myself wanting for time as I explore how I will attach a piece or secure an image, and then wasting time as a long day at work lands me on the couch watching Sherlock or Ugly Betty to unwind.

I envy artists who work from sun up until sundown. I wonder if I could. I am jealous of artists who don’t have to stop to cook dinner or fold laundry…but some days that is the point of inspiration-another chapter in a piece I am working on. Do those artists juggle packing lunches and the decision on what adhesive to use? There is a certain inspiration that accompanies my secret identity as a Mom, a certain unmatched joy of that sweet kiss and loving eyes that ask for one more chapter of the book we’re reading.

For me time is a constant battle as an artist.


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