Monthly Archives: January 2014


I got word this week that one of my beloved pieces, Still, has been accepted to the Artfields juried show in Lake City, SC. It is a unique feeling to be juried into such a big show, 720 pieces were entered: 400 accepted. There are multiple jurors who vote on an artists’ piece, and the feeling that viewers who don’t know you, objectively choose your piece is thrilling. Fuel to fire. So I am weathering the freezing temps in the studio to begin the process on the next my next series. So exciting! I wish I had a better word.


A cluttered desk

Einstein has this great quote about a cluttered and a clean desk and its great comparison to your brain-and I cleaned my studio desk today and yet…still a cluttered brain full of ideas and commissions and presents!

Despite Einstein’s brilliance, that empty desk now has room to make more creations and messes on! heART fundraiser up first- stay tuned….