Monthly Archives: February 2014


Recently I was passed down some great advice. A fellow, very wise, artist friend told me one of her professors had told her never to throw away pieces we considered trash-that some day it may be just what you need. Today I pulled an older assemblage from the wall and breathed new life, and a bit more truth into her.


Snow days for artists


This is my latest working sketch. The snow hit and so this is as far as I have gotten. You might think that being snowed in might be lots of time to work, however, being snowed in with a husband and two little ones brings about much responsibility. I started with episodes of Art21 on PBS but soon that was replaced with Justin Time and Oddities-and food to be made-laundry that won’t wash itself…you can see where this is going. So here’s to sunshine tomorrow that melts the snow so everyone can go run around and I. An take a nap…I mean so art.