Raining Sunday and where was I? In the studio trying to decide how I want my snails to look. Usually I take what is and add it together…lately I’ve been taking what is and making more. So my amazing Papa has collected a ton of snail shells for me that are becoming part of my newest piece. To me they represent ideas and trials and new things-the things that make me vulnerable. So how does that look visually you might ask. I am still working that out, I tell you.

So much of Art is what the viewer doesn’t see. My father in law says that what they see is the discarded part of Art… Whatever the case tomorrow will be spent in the studio in my whirlwind ways from here and there and back to the snails that might get wings or bright colors or…who knows…but when I emerge from sanctuary in time to pick to the kids from school I will feel more at piece having debated and maybe even decided what my inner most thoughts, hopes and dreams look like.

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