The process…of insanity

I would never claim to understand or even know what makes a person insane, or crazy, or to the brink …. But I have to wonder about my own boundaries and limitations as an artist. I have an idea, a message, a vision (I detest the last phrase but I’ve heard it often lately from people commenting on my work-or artist vision), and in my mind I have a visual-and a sketch laying beside me as I tangle myself with rusty wire and fabric. But I have not yet been able to solidify this piece. Leading to totally frustration. I want a medium that will rust, that you can see through, and that has expression-and that can be a Raven. I have not yet achieved it. My supportive husband kindly mentioned that he wasn’t sure this was the correct medium, that maybe I could change my vision-but it seems I have blinders in and continue to bang my head against the wall trying g again and again to create these menacing birds-so that is insanity correct? Was it Einstein or Edison-someone wise who said, doing the same thing exspecting different results is insanity. It’s about the process I tell myself-I can does this, I yell, just another challenge I whispher…. Well after lunch.


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