Monthly Archives: July 2014

An Artist Looks at 40

In my small 40 years I have been a good daughter, a loving sister, made a career of two things I love (art and children), found a mate to laugh, love, live and grow old with, eaten in three countries, seen artwork I studied in school books, am a mom to two of the most amazing children on the planet, been a loyal friend, strived to do the right thing and see the good in people, illustrated three books, created many art works that have shown, sold and won awards, had a one artist show, made others laugh, comforted tears and I hope that I have given more than I have received. Most if that in the last 15 years…so imagine what I can do in the next forty years?


Studio organization

I am not an artist who works on one piece exclusively, I usually have several going on at a time-resulting in a studio of mess and chaos.

My husband took pity on my mess and helped me organize today. Five tables, five projects-everything else got put away for another time. As in Flashdance, Oh what a feeling! I was also able to rearrange, free up some space and move a book shelf into the Illustration studio where it is much needed, and will help to organize that space-tomorrow.

Now go make Art! I am!