Art Supplies

There is a fine line when shopping for art supplies in my world. I love worn wood and rusty things. More is always better, unless its unique or big and can be used to hold its own collection.

Antique stores where you can’t take your kids for fear they may touch, or even worse, break something-those are not for me. I prefer a warehouse antique store or a good garage sale.

I was fortunate this weekend to run into a combo of both. An indoor outdoor garage sale store. With plenty of cool stuff-old and aplenty. So I start this week with many treasures.




Recently I was passed down some great advice. A fellow, very wise, artist friend told me one of her professors had told her never to throw away pieces we considered trash-that some day it may be just what you need. Today I pulled an older assemblage from the wall and breathed new life, and a bit more truth into her.


Snow days for artists


This is my latest working sketch. The snow hit and so this is as far as I have gotten. You might think that being snowed in might be lots of time to work, however, being snowed in with a husband and two little ones brings about much responsibility. I started with episodes of Art21 on PBS but soon that was replaced with Justin Time and Oddities-and food to be made-laundry that won’t wash itself…you can see where this is going. So here’s to sunshine tomorrow that melts the snow so everyone can go run around and I. An take a nap…I mean so art.


I got word this week that one of my beloved pieces, Still, has been accepted to the Artfields juried show in Lake City, SC. It is a unique feeling to be juried into such a big show, 720 pieces were entered: 400 accepted. There are multiple jurors who vote on an artists’ piece, and the feeling that viewers who don’t know you, objectively choose your piece is thrilling. Fuel to fire. So I am weathering the freezing temps in the studio to begin the process on the next my next series. So exciting! I wish I had a better word.


A cluttered desk

Einstein has this great quote about a cluttered and a clean desk and its great comparison to your brain-and I cleaned my studio desk today and yet…still a cluttered brain full of ideas and commissions and presents!

Despite Einstein’s brilliance, that empty desk now has room to make more creations and messes on! heART fundraiser up first- stay tuned….

Picture Books

As I participate in Tara Lazar’s amazing PiBoIdMo…I wonder if my two worlds of Fine Art and Illustrating cute things will ever collide, or will I forever have two personalities battling for my attention?

And of course there is a battle. As I think about Christmas and the ever popular Christmas letter in an Info Graphic form of and Illustrated Letter, I have notions of creating some new assemblages with a small town feel.

So here I sit-at work-where I can do neither-contemplately who will when my affections and my time when I arrive home at the Studio.


Time is different in my world. It goes so fast when I am in the studio creating, revising, relooking, redoing….but as I drive to work (where I make the money to buy the supplies to make the Art) it stops. I begin to wander off with all these ideas, ideas that fester if they are not attended to. Ideas that beg, borrow and steal to become reality. I become antsy, anxious, left wanting for TIME. Time to work, time to go through the process, time that is therapy to my inner self. I imagine that other artists such as Picasso or Calder felt the same NEED to progress with their Art, only they listened to their Art-and I feel as if I am disobeying.