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Call for Entries

Lately, my life contains this phrase, Call for Entries. It means that somewhere out there, someone wants Art. And I, the superhero of my world, will answer that call. Lately I have been trying to answer it more and more. This month I took a leap, a big leap…right to the Empire State Building-yes, my friends, I entered a show in New York City. Big leap from little Belton, South Carolina-but I did it. Now, what comes after the leap…a crash or a photographic ending…that is not as important to me. I wanted more. I want more. So I am spending more time in the studio, more time with glued fingers and dirty jeans, more take out dinners, and homework done on top of wood pulled from old barns. So although I hope my Art speaks dramaticly to those New York jurors, I am most proud that it is speak to me at a rapid speed.

For your viewing pleasure, the Piece Considered for Chelsea Internation Fine Art Competition at the Agora Gallery in New York:

I Used to Sing to You

I Used to Sing to You
I Used to Sing to You


Art Supplies

There is a fine line when shopping for art supplies in my world. I love worn wood and rusty things. More is always better, unless its unique or big and can be used to hold its own collection.

Antique stores where you can’t take your kids for fear they may touch, or even worse, break something-those are not for me. I prefer a warehouse antique store or a good garage sale.

I was fortunate this weekend to run into a combo of both. An indoor outdoor garage sale store. With plenty of cool stuff-old and aplenty. So I start this week with many treasures.